• MyOwnServer is back!

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    We're OpenAfter nearly a year of being offline, MyOwnServer is now back online! I no longer own the previous URL, http://myownserver.info, but I was able to get one close enough and it should work just as well.

    So Where Did The Old MyOwnServer Go?

    Well, after having poured so many countless hours into making a website that offered some of the best tutorials on a large variety of server-related topics and paying for web hosting out of my own pocket, I just couldn’t afford to keep it going. I’ve posted a few random topic articles at what I’ve dubbed as my “miscellaneous topics” blog, justrambling.amereservant.com, but I’ve been very busy with some WordPress projects and haven’t had much time for anything else. Since I was doing it all at my expense, I simply couldn’t afford myownserver anymore.  I wasn’t making any money off of the site and wasn’t getting any donations so I dropped the site and was satisfied with having a good run at it.  However, I hated the fact I couldn’t offer the tutorials anymore because I had tons of great feedback from people finding them so useful.

    Bringing The Website Back Online…

    A large number of people continued viewing the MyOwnServer Youtube Channel and as I occasionally checked in and saw the view count continue to climb, I really wanted to find a way to bring back the website and be able to create new tutorials for more recent versions.  The problem was I had to find a way for it to make me money, otherwise I have other things I have to do instead.  Well, it seems I’ve found the answer and hopefully it works out. As long as things continue to go well, I’ll gladly churn out some new tutorials and some even better how-to videos that will better help you get your personal web server up and running securely and properly. So check back regularly and you should find a new and improved My Own Server that you’ll like much better! Thanks!


    I'm a freelance PHP developer spending much of my time deep in WordPress theme and plugin development. My personal info can be found at http://amereservant.com .


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