• Raspberry Pi Server How-To – Part 2 – Configuring Raspbian

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    In the previous tutorial, Raspberry Pi Server How-To – Part 1 – Installing The OS, I forgot the configuration part, so this tutorial covers configuring Raspbian.  Since we’re using Raspbian Lite, which has no GUI, all of the configuration will be done via the command line (CLI).

    The things covered in this tutorial are:

    • 00:59 – How to run Raspbian Config from the command line (raspi-config).
    • 01:18 – How to change the default password for user pi.
    • 02:00 – How to set the locale settings to your location.
    • 03:34 – How to turn overscan off to remove the black border on your screen (if applicable).
    • 04:15 – How to change the hostname for your Raspberry Pi.
    • 05:18 – How to configure and connect to a wifi network via the command line on a Raspberry Pi 3.
    • 08:44 – How to update your Raspberry Pi via command line (CLI).

    How to connect to Wifi via command line on Raspberry Pi 3

    I wanted to make a few notes regarding this part.  I found two tutorials that explain how to do this, SETTING WIFI UP VIA THE COMMAND LINE and Setting up Wifi with the Command Line Adafruit’s Raspberry Pi Lesson 3.  The first one was the closest to being correct, but without the key_mgmt option being set, I couldn’t get it to connect to my wifi.  The Adafruit tutorial didn’t work at all and I have no idea why.

    As far as the key_mgmt option, here’s some more values for it according to the WPA Supplicant information.  These values were copied from the sample config file that explains ALL of the options available.


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