• About

    MyOwnServer was born out of my curiosity on how to make my own personal web server with a spare computer I had.  After years of having tried and not succeeding, I finally managed to figure it out.  But what I quickly noticed was that there weren’t very many good tutorials and it took a lot of searching and piecing information together to get some pretty simple things done.

    So I decided to take what I had figured out and put it on a website so I could find it in the future, plus others might find it helpful as well.  What started off as my “notebook” on the web became so useful to others that I began exploring more and creating tutorials since I was getting a lot of feedback and the number of site visitors was growing.

    I’ve since focused more on PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS as well as developing themes and plugins for WordPress, but due to the fact you all have given so many positive responses to my tutorials, I am working to find time to continue this project to provide quality tutorials for those who want to learn but just don’t quite understand it.

    So there you have it.  A notebook that became popular and a servant’s desire to help people and you have My Own Home Server.
    I hope you find my work useful and beneficial.  Thanks!